We had been praying for rains in the yesteryears. The monsoon was only in our dreams. However, this year it has been more than what was expected. Rising waters is not the 'spectacle' made out on TV Screens, but the monsoon has lashed out, gashing open the terrain that Mother Earth has given to us. 'Red alert' was declared in all districts where the dams were located. Roads and Bridges became unmotorable and a lot of people had to move to relief camps. We have also lost many lives.
Much support and help is pouring into the affected areas but the loss of our beloved ones can never be replaced. Experts point at and blame
it often on ill-planned, illegal constructions and quarrying, causing the current mayhem throughout Kerala.
If we can carefully conserve, Nature would be the biggest asset of Kerala. Now we challenge nature with engineering skills. We build shopping malls, factories and resorts downstream where rivers used to flow. Any amount of wealth that we make by exploiting and killing our rivers would never be a compensation for nature's fury.
A lot of myths and beliefs come with Onam. It is also a festival to think proudly about our natural resources that make our land as 'Gods Own'. However we need to meditate profoundly and act upon the realization that it is our responsibility to hand to the next Generation a wholesome Earth, as it is willed by Him, the Almighty.
Wish you all a happy and Prosperous Onam!!!


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