A Hero for All Time !
Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman is the hero of the day. He was dramatically taken captive in POK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir), when his fighter jet, a MiG 21 Bison, was shot down while engaged in chasing and bringing down an intruding Pakistani F-16 jet fighter. His dignified response to his interrogators on enemy soil, which was caught on tape, made the nation proud. He observed perfect decorum when he thanked the Pakistan army, and their cup of tea, but staunchly refused to disclose his responsibilities as a defence personnel.
Abhinandan is a hero, without doubt. On the day of his return, thousands of flex boards were erected by excited crowds across the country. Many queued up in front of salons to shape their beards to resemble Abhinandan's moustache. But here let us exercise our prudence. Let us not reduce the daring act of a hero by immature imitation of his personal appearance or dress-code. Let us not be superficial.
The message for all of us is Abinandan's spirit of Patriotism reflected in many ways - his fearless nature that made him stake his life for the nation, and his courage when, face to face with the enemy, he safe-guarded the internal secrets of the nation. It is also a mark of good etiquette that Abhinandan affirmed the honourable conduct of the Pakistan army during his captivity, and never once put any blame upon the enemy.
It is this spirit that has to be emulated. This is Patriotism !
A Big Salute to our Braveheart ! Jai Hind !
Wishing you all a Happy and Fruitful Vacation !


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